Selling our Clover Ridge Resort Week

Clover Ridge Resort

Clover Ridge Resort

5071 Clover Ridge Road, Panora, Iowa, 50216

29,000 RCI Points generated annually

Asking $300
and we pay closing costs
Up to $300 which is the normal price

This is a 3-bedroom Blue week (week #4) for sale. The annual maintenance fee is $646/year and 2013 is paid for.

This is a fantastic way to get into RCI Points cheaply and get 29,000 RCI Points every year.

We have owned this week for 9 years now and we are retiring and no longer need our timeshares. In those 9 years we have NEVER visited the resort since we turn in the week for RCI Points and then vacation at locations and resorts that we like.

How does RCI Points work?

Resort Condominium International (RCI) is the largest timeshare exchange company in America and probably the world.

The week we are selling here has been enrolled into the RCI Points program which allows you to do a lot of things that an old fashioned week usage can’t come close to.

With RCI Points you can use, save, borrow, and extend your RCI Points.

So you can immediately borrow 29,000 points from next year to combine with 29,000 of this year giving you 58,000 points.

Or you can save your 29,000 points to next year and then next year you have 29,000 from this year, 29,000 from next year, and can borrow 29,000 from the year after that giving you 87,000 RCI Points to use next year.

Buying our week/RCI Points is super easy – if you want to buy our week/RCI Points just fill out the form below. We will contact you and we pay for a closing company to handle the entire sale – they handle escrow and help fill out the paperwork which is not that much. This entire transaction will take several weeks and you never send your money to us, you send it to the closing company and their escrow account. Once the closing company finishes the paperwork they will mail you the deed – this is a deeded real estate transaction. Once you get the deed you can open an RCI Points account which costs $124 and start to plan your vacations.

If you want more information on RCI Points here are some links:

RCI Point Fees

RCI Points

RCI Saving and Extending Points

RCI Borrowing Points

I will gladly answer all your questions. 

Closing and escrow will be done by Timeshare Transfers.

I’ve included a generic chart of resorts you can spend your points at:

RCI Points Chart 

If you want more information, or want to buy our week, just fill out the form below:



If you have questions please ask

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